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Pengalaman Bersalin Induce Disebabkan Overdue.Sakit? Risiko?

Bersalin Induce Anak Pertama

Kita biasa mendengar perkataan induce ini, dan bila mendengarnya sahaja, perasaan takut dah mula terbayang. Ada yang kata induce ni menyakitkan dan sanggup tak mahu diinduce untuk elak kesakitan.

Tapi untuk makluman anda, bersalin induce disebabkan overdue ini adalah perkara biasa. Ada yang risau kerana bila diinduce menggunakan belon atau bila diinduce tiada epidural, teruatamanya di hospital-hospital kerajaan. [click to continue…]

Instagram : RM121 Billion Are The Worth Of The Instagram

Instagram Malaysia OfficeInstagram; RM121 Billion Are The Worth Of The Instagram : As stated by an analyst, a US$35 billion (RM121.3 billion) are the worth of the Instagram as well as almost doubles the value of that application, as the Facebook Inc (FB) on this photo-sharing application.

According to an analyst with Citygroup Inc. [click to continue…]

Thailand Interest Rate Still Unchanged by Thai Central Bank

thailand interest rateThailand Interest Rate Still Unchanged by Thailand Central Bank. The impact of the turmoil in global markets on a struggling economy has been gauged by the Thailand interest rate for a sixth straight meeting make it remain unchanged.

At five to two in favor has been voted by a monetary policy committee members make one-day bond repurchase rate at 2% held by the Bank of Thailand. [click to continue…]

Kuala Lumpur International Airport KLIA Award : “Largest Airport Of The Year”

klia awardKuala Lumpur International Airport KLIA Award,  “Large Airport Of The Year” : Within the global aviation industry, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport KLIA’s status has its further elevating due to the Sydney-based Centre For Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) was named the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) as the winner of the ‘Largest Airport of the Year’ award. [click to continue…]

Enrich MAS : Rentalcars.Com Collaborates With Enrich Malaysia Airlines Card

enrich masEnrich MAS, Rentalcars.Com Collaborates With Enrich Malaysia Airlines Card : To earn the triple Enrich Miles for car rental, the member of Malaysia Airlines’ (MAS) frequent-flyer programme, Enrich MAS card will be enabled to do that by signing an agreement with [click to continue…]

Porn Redtube Video Sex : Malaysia Popular Porn Website Has Been Blocked By MCMC

redtubePorn Redtube Video Sex, Malaysia Popular Porn Website Has Been Blocked By MCMC The Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) blocked the Porn RedTube Sex Website, which is the popular pornography website in Malaysia. [click to continue…]

Kelantan Floods 2014 : Over 21,000 Victims Evacuated

Kelantan FloodsKelantan Floods 2014,  Over 21,000 Victims Evacuated : There are 84 relief centres that have been ravaged by more than 21,000 evacuees make the situation of Kelantan floods become worsened.

On Saturday night, there were 19,186 evacuees and the number of evacuees increased [click to continue…]

Growth Hike 18% Of Singapore House Sales On October 2014

singapore houseGrowth Hike 18% Of Singapore House Sales On October 2014 : Amid declining prices, the developers offered new projects by raising the Singapore house sales at 18% in October from the previous month.

According to the data by the Urban Development Authority, the developers sold 648 units of homes and increase to 765 units in October.

URA also states that there were 334 to 400 units of homes being sold at its Marina One Residence that located in the city’s central business district by MS Residential Pte. Ltd, which is among the developers that putting up projects. [click to continue…]

A Prediction 3% Of The Singapore Economic Growth 2014

singapore economyBefore uneven recovery in 2015, a full-year Singapore economic growth at about 3% will be capped due to a global slowdown in the final months of the year according to Singapore.

As stated by the Trade and Industry Ministry, in the first three quarters from a year earlier, gross domestic product (GDP) rose 3.3% before Singapore expansion will probably ease. [click to continue…]